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Advanced Photonics

The field of optics and laser science is a continually evolving research area that consistently reveals fundamental breakthroughs and practical applications. Powerful yet compact lasers and optical fibers revolutionized scientific research and technology many years ago and continue to play a pivotal role.

These advancements arise from the capability to manipulate light beams at scales smaller than their wavelength, providing unprecedented control over optical phenomena and physical processes. For instance, compressing light to nanoscale dimensions opens up possibilities for compact optical integrated circuits, addressing challenges related to bandwidth and energy dissipation in modern electronic components in nanophotonics.

This section delves into various applications that manipulate light at subwavelength scales, offering insights into the promising future of photonics research. The control over light at the nanoscale has not only revealed a variety of new phenomena but has also led to various practical applications, including advancements in nanophotonics, optical and quantum computing, material characterization, medical technologies, plasmonics and more.

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