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Radiantis was created with the mission to enrich the photonics market with state-of-the-art, robust, and easy-to-use frequency conversion systems. Based in Castelldefels, Barcelona, the company was founded in July 2005 as a spin-off from ICFO-Institut de Ciències Fotóniques and ICREA-Institució Catalana de Recerca i Estudis Avançats.

The company strives at enabling cutting-edge advances at the frontiers of scientific research and technological innovation. Since its inception, Radiantis has developed a wide range of optical parametric oscillators and other frequency conversion systems in various operating time scales from ultrafast femtosecond and picosecond to continuous-wave regime, which has positioned it as the only company in the sector with this capability worldwide.


Radiantis is today well integrated in the academic and research community and has a broad network of satisfied scientists utilising its advanced products across the world from USA, Europe and Canada to Asia, Middle East, and Australia. We promote some of our products through a strategic distribution agreement with one of the two largest laser companies in the world (MKS Group, comprising Newport and Spectra-Physics), some directly, and some through other distributors worldwide. The company also provides optimum products and service to its OEM customers for industrial diagnostic applications.

In keeping with its original goals, Radiantis continually endeavours to develop more innovative, cost-effective, and state-of-the-art products that provide the best possible performance to meet the challenges faced by our customers.

Laser R&D laboratories
laser R and D laboratories


To ensure the quality and reliability of products on time, Radiantis designs and develops its state-of-the-art systems in well-equipped premises, following the highest standards of manufacturing and quality control. The company has R&D laboratories with temperature and humidity control, a multipurpose production facility, stock room and warehouse, enabling manufacturing of all commercial systems in-house. In addition, the company possesses laser equipment, diagnostic instruments, and other scientific infrastructure for its R&D and production activities.


Radiantis is made up of valuable human capital of which the company is proud.

This capital encompasses a talented and dedicated team across all areas of activity in the company, from R&D and production to administration, sales and marketing, procurement and finance. The interaction between the team members in each sector through continuous workflow ensures high operational efficiency, resulting in successful outcome in any project the company embarks upon, and ensuring the provision of products and services of the highest standard to our customers.

The overriding goal of the team is to provide the most innovative and cutting-edge products that offer the best possible solutions our customers. The team constantly strives to ensure maximum satisfaction from the first contact by our clients to the installation and successful operation of our products in customer premises. With an efficient and effective after-sales technical and service team, long-term customer care and reliable operation of our products is ensured, enabling maximum usability and effectiveness in the field over many years.

One of the best ways to show and thank the Talent we have at Radiantis, is to show some of the faces that make everything we achieve as a team a reality! 


Thanks to the dedication of the founders throughout their professional career and their interest in continuing to innovate to improve both science and technology within the world of photonics. More specifically, in the Optical Parametric Oscillator market, they have succeeded in developing Radiantis and its numerous systems, which have helped numerous research centres to obtain results in their studies.
Also, another objective is to be able to work hand in hand with different talented professionals in multiple fields, with whom to mutually enrich each other and improve science and technology on a daily basis.

meeting room
Corporate values

Our values are also our principles, so we make sure that we always live up to them:

  • Constant technological research and innovation, providing quality in the products and services it develops.
  • Teamwork, collaborating to achieve common goals, sharing information, knowledge and experiences,doing so with honesty, respect, transparency and humility in order to build trust with those with whom they interact.
  • Loyalty and integrity, working with empathy with the user and aiming for a positive social contribution.
  • To strengthen the collective talent of our team, promoting a continuous updating of their knowledge in their field.
  • Our facilities are designed to generate the least waste that can damage the environment.

Work with Us. We are looking for you!

If you want to be part of our passionate, young and dynamic tema. In the Industry 4.0 sector, which is constantly growing.
We continuously develop RD projects to adapt to the needs of our customers and technological advances. Photonics is one of the fastest growing fields of science.
Below you can consult the vacancies we have available.

Welcome to Radiantis!

Job offers

The Technical Sales/Applications Engineer is a key driver of the Sales, Marketing, and Engineering functions focused on growing Radiantis world-leading tunable laser products by providing commercial, strategic, and technical guidance to customers. This is a high visibility position ideal for an Engineering or Physical Science professional seeking to make a direct contribution to the advancement of science through the sustained learning of cutting-edge experimental research, identifying customer needs and developing optimal proposals from Radiantis´product and capabilities portfolio.

This position offers opportunities for professional growth and development as it plays a critical role in executing Radiantis´ growth strategies.

The Sales Engineer/Applications Engineer is a brand ambassador, representing Radiantis via frequent customer interaction daily via email, as well as tradeshow support and occasional customer site visits.


  • Manage Customer inquiries by providing timely and professional responses to domestic and international customers, communicating commercial and technical information related to Radiantis´ products.
  • Prepare and execute customer presentations, quotations, bid packages, and proposals.
  • Utilize Radiantis´ internal CRM system, to track customer inquiries, record leads, close opportunities, generate quotes, follow up with customers, forecast revenue and perform other sales and marketing analyses.
  • Analyze customer technical data to gain understanding of the customer’s application and develop customer-specific solutions.
  • Carry out market penetration in Europe and North America, developing customer network for applications such as time-resolved spectroscopy, multiphoton microscopy and material and device characterisation.
  • Maintain relationships with worldwide distributors by providing with technical support material, technical answers to specific customer queries, follow-up meetings and regular on-site visits.
  • Contribute to short and long-term product development and improvement plans by actively collecting market intelligence related to emerging technology and competitive activities.
  • Travel to customer sites to present proposals, resolve technical issues, and assist in closing orders.
  • Review customer POs, manage timelines, ship dates and shipping priorities.
  • Prepare application notes, case studies, technical literature, and other digital content including video product demonstrations and webinars.
  • Represent Radiantis´ at trade shows.
  • Prepare, conduct, and participate in workshops, training and education programs focusing on product capabilities and applications.


  • Be a graduate physicist or similar. The role will involve maintaining technical discussions with specialist customers, and internally within the company. Therefore, a technical background in optics/photonics is required.
  • Be proficient in English. Fluency in German and/or French will be an advantage. Knowledge of Spanish is not required.
  • Have excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • High level of autonomy and initiative.
  • Strong passion for technology, hands on mentality and creativity to find approach new customers and close deals.
  • Open for occasional travelling across Europe, North America and Asia

The candidate will work closely with the company´s technical team to optimise opportunities and provide customised solutions to our clients.

To apply, please e-mail us your CV with photo and a cover letter to cv@radiantis.com, including the reference LS24 on the email subject.

Radiantis is a leading manufacturer specializing in cutting-edge solid-state lasers and optical parametric oscillators. Our groundbreaking technology drives advanced applications in non-linear microscopy and pioneering research initiatives. Since our inception in 2006, Radiantis has equipped numerous prestigious universities and research institutions worldwide with our innovative product line. 

Presently, we seek a dynamic Laser Automation and Control Engineer to strengthen our team, playing an essential role in the implementation and advancement of new automated laser systems, which enable rapid tuning and stabilization of our lasers while enhancing and modernizing existing ones.

Job duties and responsibilities:

The position is for an electronic engineer or a physicist to join our team with who will be responsible for implementing the control and automation of new laser systems, alongside the customization and enhancement of our existing product portfolio.


The successful candidate should be self-motivated and able to work within a dynamic team. The candidate should take on the responsibility for the success of the assigned projects.  

  • A degree in Engineering or Physics.
  • Advanced knowledge of laser control and automation, especially programming in Labview and Python is required. Writing low-level drivers would be an advantage.
  • Advanced knowledge on electronic design, sufficient to be competent in designing new circuits and improving of existing ones.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English. Understanding of Spanish would be an advantage.
  • Practical expertise in lasers or optical instrument alignment would be ideal.
  • Willingness to travel to support some installation and service trips.

This position is at the cutting-edge of laser technology and offers challenges in the technical development of products. 

To apply for this position, please send us a copy of your CV and cover letter to the e-mail address: cv@radiantis.com. Include the reference: AUTOENG2024. 

The person to join the position must be able to carry out the administrative management of the logistics of the company and the administrative management of customer service. Also support in other administrative tasks. This is a highly versatile position.


  • Documentary preparation of incoming and outgoing goods.
  • Management of shipments and receipt of goods.
  • Support in other administrative areas such as accounting (accounting knowledge is not essential).
  • Attention to suppliers and customers.


  • English (Essential)
  • Office 365 (Word, Excel, etc.)
  • Experience in administrative tasks.

The candidate will work closely with the company´s logistics team to optimise opportunities and provide customised solutions to our clients.

To apply, please e-mail us your CV with photo and a cover letter to cv@radiantis.com, including the reference AdLo24 on the email subject.


Radiantis Unveils Upgraded Zenith Laser System: Pushing the Boundaries of Photonics at Laser World of Photonics 2023

Radiantis has launched a new version of its, Zenith, a picosecond high power broadly tunable laser system incorporating an optical parametric oscillator, at the prestigious Laser World of Photonics 2023 held in Munich, Germany last week.
UIPAP Young Scientists in Optics Award Poster

Prestigious IUPAP Young Scientist Award

The International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) has announced the prestigious Young Scientist Award for 2023. The award recognizes outstanding achievements by young physicists under the age of 35 and is given every three years at the General Assembly of the IUPAP.
Radiantis tunable lasers

Radiantis announces new branding identity to showcase growth and innovation in frequency conversion systems for laser tuning

The company, which was founded in 2005, has become a worldwide market leader of femtosecond, picosecond and continuous wave (CW) optical parametric oscillators (OPOs).

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