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Harmonic Generators

Radiantis offers Harmonic Generators for a wide range of scientific and technological applications. Harmonic Generators are nonlinear optical devices that convert laser light into higher harmonic frequencies, enabling a coherent output in the UV, visible, and IR spectral ranges. In scientific research, Harmonic Generators are used in areas such as spectroscopy, microscopy, and quantum optics. They provide access to previously unattainable wavelengths for precise measurements and material characterization. In technology, Harmonic Generators are used in applications such as semiconductor fabrication, laser processing, and bioimaging. Radiantis Harmonic Generators offer exceptional performance, reliability, and versatility for cutting-edge research and technology. Explore our product category for advanced solutions.

What are second harmonic generators and third harmonic generation?

Second harmonic generators (SHGs) and third harmonic generation (THG) are nonlinear optical devices that produce light at exactly half the input wavelength (twice the frequency) and one third of the input wavelength ( three times the frequency) respectively. They work based on a nonlinear process in which photons combine to generate new photons with double or triple the energy and frequency.

In SHGs, a high-intensity laser beam passes through a nonlinear crystal, with a nonlinear material like beta-barium borate (BBO) or lithium triborate (LBO). Due to the crystal's nonlinear properties, a portion of the incident photons undergo frequency doubling, resulting in an output beam with precisely half the wavelength (double the frequency) of the input beam.

In particular, SHG of femtosecond and picosecond tunable Ti:Sapphire lasers is a prominent technique used to generate green light (wavelength typically 345 - 5520 nm) from an infrared Ti:Sapphire laser (wavelength typically 690 - 1040 nm). By passing the laser beam through a nonlinear crystal such as beta-barium borate (BBO) or lithium triborate (LBO), the SHG process efficiently converts the Ti:Sapphire laser's infrared light to green light through frequency doubling. Radiantis manufactures off-the-shelf harmonic generators of femtosecond and picosecond Ti:Sapphire oscillators such as the Oria Blue family of SHG modules. This delivers the highest conversion efficiency as well as fully automated tuning.

It is also possible to generate Second harmonic generators of other light sources such as the signal or idler of an IR OPO. As an example, Radiantis manufactures the Oria Vis, a SHG module which doubles the frequency (495 – 775 nm) of the signal of Radiantis Oria IR femtosecond OPO (990 – 1550 nm). By utilizing appropriate nonlinear crystals, the Oria Vis expands the Oria IR´s wavelength versatility, providing access to new wavelengths so that scientists can delve deeper into dynamic processes with high spatial and temporal resolution in cutting-edge research fields.

Radiantis also develops Second harmonic generators (SHGs) and third harmonic generation (THG) modules with specific characteristics for customized applications. Explore our product category for advanced solutions.

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