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Zenith™ Picosecond OPO

Zenith™ Picosecond OPO

  • Tuning across 1400 – 2000 nm and 2200 – 4200nm.

  • The highest output power with >4W at the peak of the 1400 – 2000 nm and >2W at the peak of the 2200 – 4200 nm ranges.

  • 3 outputs available: 1) signal, 2) idler and 3) pump bypass. Signal and idler are delivered simultaneously.

  • Picosecond pulse duration across the range.

  • Hands-free operation with dedicated control software. Control drivers available.

  • Sealed, compact, and virtually maintenance-free.

  • Integrated spectrometer.

  • Fully-integrated OPO-based laser system with wide


The ZenithTM is a picosecond OPO-based laser system broadly tunable in the 1400 – 4200 nm range. Featuring the highest power levels in the market (>4W across 1420 – 2000 nm and >2W across 2200 – 4200 nm), ZenithTM delivers a powerful and convenient source for ultrafast spectroscopy and pump-probe experimental sciences.

ZenithTM has been especially designed for fully-automated tuning to enhance usability and practicality in applications. A simple and reliable control software renders it an extremely convenient hands-free system which enables the researcher to effectively focus on advancing their research with minimum time investment in laser maintenance. Control drivers are available.

Three output ports deliver: 1) the signal, 2) the idler and 3) the pump bypass. Excellent beam pointing stability with time and wavelength is provided.

ZenithTM is a sealed fully-integrated laser system, incorporating the pump laser and OPO, which ensures maximum compactness and stability.

The ZenithTM is provided directly by Radiantis®.

Technical Details

ZenithTM Typical Idler Curve

ZenithTM Typical Signal Curve

ZenithTMWavelength Coverage

Output CharacteristicsZenithZenith XT
Signal Tuning Range1400 - 2000 nm 1400 - 2000 nm
Idler Tuning Range2200 - 4000 nm
Pump Wavelength1030 nm1030 nm
Signal Output Power> 4 W> 4 W
Idler Output Power> 2 W
Signal Pulse Width> 5 ps> 5 ps
Idler Pulse Width> 5 ps> 5 ps
Pump Pulse Width > 5 ps> 5 ps
Beam Diameter 3 mm +/- 10%3 mm +/- 10%
Spatial ModeTEM00TEM00
Signal Noise at 1300 nm< 1% rms< 1% rms
Output Ports1) Signal
2) Idler
3) Pump
1) Signal
2) Idler
3) Pump
Power Stability5 %5 %
PolarizationLinear Linear
Repetition Rate80 MHz80 MHz
Size (W x L x H)625 x 330 x 163 mm (24.6 x 12.99 x 6.4 inch)625 x 330 x 163 mm (24.6 x 12.99 x 6.4 inch)

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