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Optical Characterisation

Optical characterization is a powerful technique used in various fields of science and technology to understand the behaviour and properties of materials and devices at the optical level. From measuring absorption and transmission spectra to determining refractive index, fluorescence, and scattering properties, optical characterization provides critical insights into the optical behaviour of materials. In this section, we explore the fundamentals, techniques, and applications of optical characterization, covering topics such as spectroscopy, microscopy, and sensing. Gain a deeper understanding of how light interacts with matter and learn how optical characterization can revolutionize your research or technology projects. Explore our articles, case studies, and resources to unlock the power of optical characterization.

Characterising the Nonlinear Optical Properties of Silicon and Germanium-Based Semiconductors

Measuring semiconductor nonlinear properties with Radiantis Femtosecond IR OPO, Oria IR

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