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Radiantis in collaboration with Newport Spectra-Physics launches the InspireTM IR at CLEO USA 2012, a brand new femtosecond Optical Parametric Oscillator (OPO) for the Infrared

The InspireTM IR is a femtosecond Optical Parametric Oscillator (OPO), pumped by a mode-locked Ti:sapphire laser, which offers broad tunability in the near and mid-Infrared. Independent tuning of the pump wavelength between 720 and 810 nm, and the signal wavelength between 1000 – 1580 nm, is provided through the two separate pump and signal output ports available in this OPO. The user can easily select amongst accessing: (i) 100% of the pump through the pump port, with no signal through the signal port, (ii) 20% of the pump through the pump port, with partial signal through the signal port, or (iii) 0% of the pump through the pump output port, with full signal through the signal port.

As a sealed system, the InspireTM IR does not provide user access to the internal cavity. As a result, absolutely hands-free operation is guaranteed, with manual alignment of the OPO neither possible nor required. Tuning across the range can be readily achieved within a few seconds, by controlling the system exclusively via a simple and dedicated PC user-interface.

The InspireTM IR delivers unique conversion efficiency performance, resulting in high power levels across the signal range. Also, near-transform-limited pulses, excellent power stability and exceptional beam quality across the tuning range are provided.

The InspireTM IR is a USB compatible and compact system formed by a single optics unit (703 x 395 x 192 mm), which does not require additional bulky external units such as chillers or MRU air recirculators. A portable and ready installed computer is also available with this OPO.


  • Tuning range: 720 nm – 1580 nm.
  • Signal output power: >1 W.
  • Repetition rate: 80 MHz.
  • Signal pulse width: 90 fs