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Radiantis announces new branding identity to showcase growth and innovation in frequency conversion systems for laser tuning

Radiantis, a high-tech laser company based in Barcelona, Spain, has announced its new branding identity that showcases its growth and innovation in the field of frequency conversion systems for laser tuning. The company, which was founded in 2005, has become a worldwide market leader of femtosecond, picosecond and continuous wave (CW) optical parametric oscillators (OPOs).

The new branding reflects the company’s mission to enrich the photonics market with state-of-the-art, robust and easy-to-use products that cover a wide range of wavelengths from the visible to the mid-infrared. The company also prides itself on its exceptional customer service and technical support that ensures the performance and reliability of its products.

The new logo features a multicolour symbol that represents the core technology of Radiantis: nonlinear optical processes that enable wavelength tuning of lasers, as well as a modern font that conveys dynamism and professionalism.

Radiantis’ products have applications in various scientific fields such as CARS and multiphoton microscopy, non-linear, pump-probe and time-resolved spectroscopy, materials characterisation and device calibration among many others. The company is constantly developing new solutions to meet the needs of its customers and partners.

Radiantis´ Chief Executive Director, Dr. Sara Otero said:

“We are very excited to present our new branding identity that reflects our evolution as a company since our beginnings 18 years ago. We have grown from being a pioneer in extending the wavelength tuning of lasers to being a world leader in this field. We have achieved this thanks to our passion for innovation, our commitment to quality and our dedication to our customers. We look forward to continuing this journey with our new branding that represents who we are today and where we want to go tomorrow.”