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ORIA VIS Femtosecond SHG Module

ORIA VIS Femtosecond SHG Module

  • Highest power with >400 mW at the peak of the tuning range.

  • Four outputs are available: 1) 990 – 1550 nm at full power, 2) 495 – 775 nm, 3) 1680-4000 nm, 4) 990 – 1550 nm undepleted.

  • Excellent beam pointing stability with TEM00 spatial quality.

  • Hands-free operation with a dedicated control software. Control drivers available.

  • Compatible with most commercial femtosecond sources tunable across 990 – 1550 nm.


A femtosecond SHG module with unprecedented spectral coverage, turning the IR OPO wavelengths, across 990-1550 nm, into the visible, across 495 – 775 nm. The ORIA VIS offers exceptional conversion efficiency (>40 %), providing powers >400 mW with excellent stability. With reduced pulse broadening and superior spectral and spatial beam quality, this compact doubling unit offers an excellent tool for a wide range of applications requiring femtosecond light pulses at MHz repetition rates.

The ORIA VIS is fully-automated and tuning is controlled via a PC, offering alignment-free installation and simple and reliable operation. The automated ORIA VIS advanced control software ensures fast and reliable tuning within a few seconds, while providing a selection of practical operating features.

This doubling unit is designed to be pumped by standard ultrafast MHz repetition-rate IR OPOs, including Radiantis Oria IR.

Technical Details

Typical Oria VIS Tuning Curve

Oria VIS Diamond Plot

Oria VIS Wavelength Coverage

Output Characteristics Oria VIS
Tuning range495 - 775 nm
Output power> 400 mW
Pulse width< 180 fs
Beam diameter at 525 nm2.5 mm
Beam divergence< 1 mrad
Beam displacement with wavelength< 2.5 μm
Spatial modeTEM00
Repetition rate80 MHz
Size (W x L x H)568.0 x 366.5 x 189.2 mm (22.4 x 14.4 x 7.5 inch)

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