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The OPIUM family of femtosecond OPOs

The OPIUM Family introduces a new generation of femtosecond Optical Parametric Oscillators (OPOs), pumped by mode-locked femtosecond Ti:Sapphire lasers. A combination of broad and flexible wavelength coverage in the UV, Visible and IR is provided, with high output power, superior reliability and extraordinary simplicity of use.

Four separate outputs emitting SHG of the Fundamental (345 – 550 nm), Signal (490 – 750 nm), Depleted Fundamental (690- 1100 nm) and Idler (930 – 2500 nm) are available. The user can easily select between the simultaneous Signal and Idler outputs (tunable across the range at a fixed pump wavelength), or the simultaneous SHG and Depleted Fundamental outputs (tunable across the range while tuning the pump laser). The Depleted Fundamental output at a fixed wavelength is also simultaneously available with the Signal and Idler outputs.

The SHG and Depleted Fundamental outputs are generated using the state-of-the-art SHG unit incorporated inside the OPO. This doubles the frequency of the pump laser, providing broadest wavelength coverage (340-550 nm), high conversion efficiency (up to 50%) and exceptional beam quality.

Near-transform-limited pulses and flexible pulse durations are offered. Via the specially designed dispersion compensation module, the user has the option to adjust the duration of the emitted pulses from very short to longer pulse durations.

The OPIUM Family operates at room-temperature. As a result, highly stable power levels are ensured and the need for water-cooling, heating elements or temperature controllers inside the system is eliminated.

The superior performance of the OPIUM Family is strengthened by unique automation features that offer the highest simplicity of use. Depending on the user requirements, wavelength range of interest and level of flexibility, a selection of OPIUM products are available.