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A new board of directors has been chosen to steer SECPhO through the next 24 months, as the organization goes from strength to strength in achieving its principle goal of promoting available photonics technology to as broad a cross-section of interests as possible. The key positions, which were decided by a unanimous vote, are as follows: The new President of SECPhO for the period 2015-2017 will be Luz Ruiz Born the Director of the Unit for Photonics & Nanomaterials at Alava Ingenieros.

The vice-President will be Sara Otero, Co-founder and CEO of Radiantis, who also participated in the founding of SECPhO.

Monitoring of the cluster’s Treasury will be conducted by Mikel Bengoa, Director General of Rofin-Baasel Spain. Finally, the position of Secretary to the Board will be filled by Gabriel Buendía, Director of the Institute of Photomedicine, part of Teknon Hospital and an expert in the processes of R & D in the field of dermatology laser.

The four members were chosen unanimously and were excited about their new roles in the cluster. The new board met for the first time on 29th September in Terrassa where proceedings commenced with a presentation by Esther Lopez, Director of the Servei d’Innovation, Universities Coneixement Society of the City of Terrassa. During the course of the day the new directors were afforded the opportunity to air their views as to the best ways to build on SECPhO’s position as a cross-platform facilitator in the photonics sector and to participate in a brainstorming session to help decide on various strategies going forward.

The next meeting was scheduled to be held in San Sebastian in January.

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