Radiantis successfully launches the IR spectrometer SeaWave at CLEO: 2014

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The recent CLEO:2014 Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics in the United States proved to be a major success for Radiantis on many levels, but most notably for the extremely positive response it received to the launch of its latest product, the IR Spectrometer SeaWave.

“The launch was a great success and we were very pleasantly overwhelmed by the level of positive feedback we received from the scientific, industrial, medical and food sectors,”

Said Radiantis CEO Sara Otero.

The SeaWave was specifically developed to deliver both speed and convenience in the measurement of spectra across the 900 – 1700nm range, while never compromising on performance and reliability.

This, combined with the fact that it is compatible with CW, pulsed and ultrafast laser systems, seemed to be of particular interest to both our existing and prospective customers.Visitors to the conference, which ran from June 10 – 13 at the San Jose Convention Center in California, also seemed to be impressed by the compactness of the SeaWave which has the smallest footprint in the market for its class, and yet the highest data acquisition speed (>1000 spectra/second) and excellent resolution (<3 nm) for a broad detection range (900 – 1700 nm).The conference, which was host to more than 5000 attendees, featured a comprehensive program of presentations and hundreds of sessions covering the most important technical and innovative developments in electro-optics, laser science, and photonics.

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