Radiantis Attends ‘LASER WORLD OF PHOTONICS’ Trade Fair in Germany

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The ‘Laser World of Photonics’ is considered by many to be the leading international trade fair for optical technologies and this year’s event, which took place in the Messe München Centre in Germany, was no exception. It attracted 30,000 visitors, 10% up on last year, and provided Barcelona-based lasertech manufacturer Radiantis with the perfect platform on which to showcase its newly developed OPOs, covering the continuous wave, picosecond and femtosecond ranges.

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“The Blaze was designed to provide a complete solution for end-users and is unique in the sense that it provides them with both the Ti:sapphire laser and the OPO in a single unit. At the moment no other manufacturer is offering this; customers have to buy the laser and the OPO separately, …

… It has certainly helped us reinforce our commitment to research and development and our objective of bringing new technologies to market, ….

… All in all it was our most successful show to date and underlines our determination to remain at the forefront of OPO and frequency conversion technology.”

said Radiantis CEO Sara Otero.

Radiantis also took the opportunity to exhibit its recently expanded instrumentation range, specifically targeted at the OEM, larger volume industrial markets, and did so via both its own stand and that of Optoprim, its instrumentation distributor in Germany.

The future it seems, is bright for Radiantis.

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