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Radiantis this week announced the confirmation of a new distribution agreement in France and the UK with French company Photon Lines SAS, an established scientific distributor with an impressive portfolio of products. With three offices across France and sister offices in the UK and Spain, Photon Lines is able to call upon a pool of expertise in the field of photonics to the benefit of customers and suppliers alike.

“We are extremely pleased to be associated with Photon Lines, and to be able to take the PowerSense to the French and UK markets through such a reliable and well-respected distributor,” said Radiantis CEO Sara Otero.

Photon Lines is a distributor of optical instruments (cameras, lasers, imaging systems, forensic…) dedicated to research, industry and telecommunications.

Photon Lines was founded in 2005. Its added value lies in the specialised training of its sales and technical team. Constantly monitoring its target markets, Photon Lines constantly selects suppliers capable of evolving and innovating in the technologies of the future.The PowerSense is a fully-integrated power meter which, by incorporating both the detector head and power meter under the same enclosure, allows the widest range of power levels (across 1 nW to 20 W) to be measured with a single detector head.This convenient and user-friendly photodiode-based power meter, which was particularly well received by both new and existing customers when it was exhibited and demonstrated at the recent BIOS EXPO 2015 and at the Photonics West Fair in San Francisco, has already been described by many users as ‘the only power meter you will ever need’.The France and UK agreement is the latest addition to what is now a broad worldwide network of specialist distributors.

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