‘New Kids on the Block’ – A Busy Week for Two New Radiantis Lasertech Products

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Photonics West 2015 231pIt was a busy week in early February for two new lasertech products from Radiantis, with the ‘PowerSense’ optical power meter and the ‘Origin’ spectrophotometer both doing the rounds at BIOS EXPO 2015 and the Photonics West Fair in San Francisco.

The back-to-back events, both held in the Moscone Center, drew many thousands of visitors, many of whom were introduced to Radiantis’s new products, all shiny and new from their high-tech production facility in Barcelona.

The PowerSense lived up to its name for those in search of a high-speed, compact, wide-dynamic-range, optical power meter. A skills set which has already led to it being welcomed by many users as, “The only power meter you will ever need.

In essence, the PowerSense is an extremely compact, fully-integrated power meter, incorporating both the detector head and power meter under the same enclosure, while offering the widest range of power levels (across 1 nW to 20 W) measured with a single detector head. The competitively priced product not only offers customers a multi-purpose power meter, but one which provides great flexibility over a wide power range and an extremely high level of responsiveness.

The Origin spectrophotometer – a compact bright white light source – can be used independently or in combination with Radiantis’ SeaWave spectrometer to make a spectrophotometer. This product was equally well received, particularly by customers looking for a compact and highly versatile spectrophotometer for use in reflection, transmission and absorption spectroscopy, without any changes to its layout. As on-site demonstrations were able to show, the Origin has been built to handle solid, liquid and gas samples, in both in-line and off-line analysers.


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