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This year, together with the Alter Technology group, we have developed a technology that simplifies the quality control process of the optical components of earth observation satellites before their assembly.

The project is called EOSENS and it simplifies the process by reducing the number of calibrations, using a single versatile system for different components.

“This unified system will favour greater precision and quality of the measurements and results obtained during characterisation,” says Sara Otero, CEO of Radiantis.

In satellite manufacturing, there is rigorous quality control to verify that components function correctly and materials meet the expected requirements before final assembly. One of the most common tests consists of shining a beam of light and whether it changes direction or slows down as it passes through the inspected component.

This technology is based on a non-linear Optical Parametric Oscillator (OPO) optics system, which generates a light source that can be calibrated to the desired wavelength. The laser light passes through the optics circuit of the OPO until it reaches the component to be calibrated. To perform the characterisation, the wavelength can be changed easily and quickly, thus gaining efficiency and precision in the process.

The laser system has been developed and validated by the Alter Technology group, using the validation standard for components for space applications.

Companies participating in the EOSENS project:

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