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Radiantis’ off-the-shelf and custom-made products are used in a wide range of applications within the scientific market worldwide.

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24 Nov 2014

Radiantis’ New SeaWave Spectrometer Appears Live at the IR Fair 2014

Category: News
The proof of the pudding, as they say in England, is in the eating. An adage which Radiantis’ new Japanese distributor, Tokyo...
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21 Oct 2014

Photonics Day Today

Category: News
Exactly 31 years ago today the General Conference of Weights And Measures adopted the value of 299,792.458 km/s for the speed...
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10 Sep 2014

Radiantis sponsors Alzheimer’s Research

Category: News
Radiantis was extremely proud, nay, honoured, to be able to sponsor Alzheimer’s Research, at last weekend’s Great North Run...
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30 Jun 2014

Radiantis participates in ICFO’s Thesis Committee

Category: News
As part of its ongoing commitment to supporting the photonics industry at a tertiary level, Radiantis recently participated in the Thesis...
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27 Jun 2014

Radiantis products displayed at the OPTO Taiwan Trade Show

Category: News
Further to the formalisation of an ongoing agreement with Taiwan-based distributor Superbin Company Ltd, Radiantis products were...
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17 Jun 2014
foto CLEO 2014

Radiantis successfully launches the IR spectrometer ‘SeaWave’ at CLEO: 2014

Category: News
The recent CLEO:2014 Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics in the United States proved to be a major success for Radiantis on...
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29 May 2009

Radiantis Co-Founds SECPhO

Category: General, News
In St. Louis, Emerson displays its product line in the dazzling Palace of Electricity as the nationwide demand for electricity continues to soar.
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