The MIRageTM is the first commercial mid-IR (>4000 nm) OPO-based laser system. It offers unprecedented tuning coverage and power levels in the mid-IR (>100mW across 6000 – 7000 nm and >500mW across 1270 and 1290 nm), in a sealed and fully-automated laser enclosure for maximum reliability and usability.

The MIRageTM incorporates, for the first time, a fiber pump laser and a mid-IR (>4000 nm) OPO in a single platform, providing maximum power stability in a compact design.

Three output ports deliver 1) the idler, 2) the signal and 3) the pump bypass. To ensure shortest pulse durations across the spectral range, an advanced dynamic dispersion compensation module is included within the MIRageTM, allowing independent optimisation of the pulse length for different wavelengths. Additionally, excellent beam pointing stability with time and wavelength is provided which increases usability in applications where reduced beam misalignment due to laser beam displacement is required.

MIRageTM is a fully-automated ultrafast OPO-based laser system which is offered with a dedicated control software and drivers. The sealed and hands-free design of MIRageTM, combined with virtual maintenance-free operation, provides a superior laser system for scientific applications in the mid-IR.

The MIRageTM is provided directly by Radiantis®.


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