Ultrafast Laser Systems

Radiantis provides an extensive range of ultrafast fully-integrated broadly-tunable laser systems which incorporate both, the pump laser and OPO in a single platform. This provides a complete solution with superior usability, enhanced stability and smaller footprint.

The off-the-shelve OPO-based laser systems incorporate both, the sophisticated Kerr-lens mode-locked Ti:sapphire oscillators and the more compact fiber lasers. Custom OPOs can be designed with alternative types of pump lasers in order to match specifict customer requirements.

Blaze - Ultrafast Broadly Tunable Laser System

The new BlazeTM is the first commercial broadly tunable femtosecond laser system incorporating in a single platform both, a Ti:sapphire pump laser and an optical parametric oscillator (OPO), for maximum stability, compactness and simplicity. This is an ideal tool for nonlinear microscopy applications where a compact and stable broadly tunable IR laser system providing short pulse durations, high beam pointing and power stability is required.



The MIRageTM is the first commercial mid-IR (>4000 nm) OPO-based laser system. It offers unprecedented tuning coverage and power levels in the mid-IR (>100mW across 6000 – 7000 nm and >500mW across 1270 and 1290 nm), in a sealed and fully-automated laser enclosure for maximum reliability and usability.

Zenith - Picosecond OPO

The ZenithTM is a picosecond OPO-based laser system broadly tunable in the 1400 – 4200 nm range. Featuring the highest power levels in the market (>4W across 1420 and 2000 nm and >2W across 2200 and 4200 nm), ZenithTM delivers a powerful and convenient source for ultrafast spectroscopy and pump-probe experimental sciences.

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