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Interview on Radiantis 10th Anniversary

Today Radiantis celebrates its 10th anniversary. Ten years ago to the day, Prof Majid Ebrahim-Zadeh and Dr Sara Otero signed a document which formalised the constitution of Radiantis.  Thereafter they turned their vision into reality by commercialising a core scientific idea into a commercially viable product platform.

New Distributor of SeaWave in the UK

LaserLinesRadiantis is pleased to announce the confirmation of a new distribution agreement in the UK with Laser Lines UK. "We are extremely pleased to be associated with Laser Lines UK and to be able to take the SeaWave to the UK markets through such a reliable distributor," said Radiantis CEO Sara Otero.

PowerSense Now Available in France and the UK

PhotonLines LogoRadiantis this week announced the confirmation of a new distribution agreement in France and the UK with French company Photon Lines SAS, an established scientific distributor with an impressive portfolio of products. With three offices across France and sister offices in the UK and Spain, Photon Lines is able to call upon a pool of expertise in the field of photonics to the benefit of customers and suppliers alike.

‘New Kids on the Block’ – A Busy Week for Two New Radiantis Lasertech Products

Photonics West 2015 231pIt was a busy week in early February for two new lasertech products from Radiantis, with the 'PowerSense' optical power meter and the 'Origin' spectrophotometer both doing the rounds at BIOS EXPO 2015 and the Photonics West Fair in San Francisco.

The back-to-back events, both held in the Moscone Centre, drew many thousands of visitors, many of whom were introduced to Radiantis's new products, all shiny and new from their high-tech production facility in Barcelona.

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