TITAN - CW OPO-Based Laser System

The TITAN is an extraordinary CW OPO which provides seamless spectral coverage across the visible and IR wavelengths with unprecedented power. It features three output ports, delivering: 1) 1064 nm, 2) 1450 – 1980 nm and 3) 2300 – 4000 nm with a single system. Such a superior spectral coverage is provided with exceptional output powers across the range (>5 Watts at peak wavelength). This, together with the inherent high beam pointing stability and beam quality, make the TITAN an ideal source for spectroscopy, microscopy and sensing applications.


Both, a fiber laser pump and an OPO are incorporated on the same platform providing a complete solution with enhanced usability and stability. As a sealed and fully-automated system, it provides hands-free operation where any wavelength can be tuned by the click of a mouse via the dedicated control software. Control drivers are also available.

Virtually maintenance-free, this CW OPO system provides a compact, robust, user-friendly and versatile laser source for demanding applications in multiple industrial, sensing and scientific research.

The images below illustrate typical signal and idler tuning curves and beam profiles delievered by the Titan CW OPO.


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