Radiantis products displayed at the OPTO Taiwan Trade Show

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IMG 1456Further to the formalisation of an ongoing agreement with Taiwan-based distributor Superbin Company Ltd, Radiantis products were prominently displayed at the OPTO Taiwan Trade Show last week.

"We are delighted to have signed a distribution agreement with Superbin, who have an excellent reputation both in Taiwan and the region," said Radiantis CEO Sara Otero. "We are equally delighted that our products were featured so promptly at the highly prestigious OPTO Trade Show, which has been in existence since 1984 and is generally regarded to be one of the industry's most important events."

Officially billed as the 23rd International Optoelectronics Exposition, the annual event was staged in Taiwan's Nangang Exhibition Hall for the benefit of the country's photonics and mechanical industries with a specific emphasis on semiconductors, electronics, fiber communications, lasers, optics and precision machinery.

"We have already received some very positive feedback from potential new customers via Superbin and we look forward to being able to expand our coverage into Taiwan, which is already a highly sophisticated market and one which I feel confident Radiantis will be able to operate in extremely successfully," added Otero.

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