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Inspire HF y Auto tapa planaAs you know, the InspireTM range of synchronously-pumped optical parametric oscillators (OPOs) were designed to empower your research using Visible, UV and IR femtosecond pulses. What you might not know however, is that we have recently released a new generation in the range, each with several exciting improvements. With our eye forever on the goal of simplifying the installation and overall usability of all our products, these most recent models include upgraded and improved electronic and software systems; faster tuning of the SHG unit; and specially engineered mechanics to increase the overall stability and reliability of the system.

" We are very proud to be able to introduce the new InspireTM range to both existing and potential end users, as we feel it embodies our commitment to the continual improvement of our products both in terms of their technical performance and their usability." (Sara Otero, CEO)

The improved InspireTM range will be one of the chief attractions at the Photonics West Fair in San Francisco's Moscone Centre next week, along with our ORIA IR and ORIA Blue ranges. The Radiantis Stall will be located at booth 5130 in North Hall D. Please follow this link for further details.

For more detailed technical information about the latest range of Inspire TM products, please follow this link to our current product brochure.  


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