Radiantis releases OPIUM Hands-Free

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Radiantis releases OPIUM Hands-Free, the new femtosecond OPO, for maximum performance and simplicity of use.

The new OPIUM Hands-Free stands out for its simplicity of use while maintaining the superior performance typical of the OPIUM Family.

This is a real hands-free femtosecond OPO. The user can, with the click of a mouse and in just a few seconds, benefit from an optimum combination of power and pulse duration while tuning across the entire wavelength range.

Using our proprietary Free-ScanTM technology, the unique feature of self-calibration is incorporated. Alignment optimization of the OPO cavity is performed automatically, using the fully-dedicated PC user interface. This makes OPIUM Hands-Free, the first virtually-free-maintainance femtosecond OPO on the market.

For fast and reliable tuning across the Visible and IR ranges, with high power and reduced pulse duration, OPIUM Hands-Free should be your choice.

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