Radiantis releases SHG unit: Blue Stream 100X

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BS100X Second Harmonic Generator

Blue Stream 100X offers an innovative and easy to use Second Harmonic Generation Unit that converts the IR emission of your Ti:sapphire laser (680-1100 nm) into the near-UV and visible spectrum (340-550 nm).

Two synchronised laser outputs are available, the converted output in the near-UV and visible spectrum (340-550 nm) and the unconverted fundamental output in the IR spectrum (680-1100 nm).

Based on new nonlinear technology, the Blue Stream 100X provides exceptional efficiency (up to 50%) and beam quality.



This compact unit is an excellent tool for a wide range of industrial and scientific applications (quantum optics, biochemistry, biophotonics, etc.) that require a near-UV and visible femtosecond pulsed source with MHz repetition rate.


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