Radiantis Celebrates Decade of Enlightenment

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To mark the passing of ten exciting years since the formation of the company, Radiantis staff celebrated in style in the picture postcard coastal town of Sitges. Famous, ironically, in the world of art, for its 'beautiful' natural light.

Museo Maricel rev01The evening kicked off at the Museu Maricel with a performance of 'Òpera al Mirador' and was followed by a meal at El Restaurante Fragata, a long-standing establishment of unrivalled epicurean prowess situated in an enviable position overlooking the sea while nestled snugly in the lee of the town's iconic church of Sant Bartomeu.

"Fabulous food and such a wonderful setting," said CEO Sara Otero. "A fabulous place to spend quality time with valued work colleagues, exchange chit chat and generally unwind."

Fragata viewNeedless to say the evening squeezed gradually past the yardarm into the small hours of the morning to be greeted by the crystal clink of toasts exchanged, murmured promises to do it all again much sooner, and, eventually the gentle hum of taxis homeward bound.

A fitting end indeed to a decade of enlightenment.

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