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The OPIUM family offers improved simultaneous visible and IR power levels

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The OPIUM family of femtosecond OPOs

The OPIUM Family introduces a new generation of femtosecond Optical Parametric Oscillators (OPOs), pumped by mode-locked femtosecond Ti:sapphire lasers. A combination of broad and flexible wavelength coverage in the UV, Visible and IR is provided, with high output power, superior reliability and extraordinary simplicity of use.

Four separate outputs emitting SHG of the Fundamental (345-550 nm), Signal (490-750 nm), Depleted Fundamental (690-1100 nm) and Idler (930-2500 nm) are available. The user can easily select between the simultaneous Signal and Idler outputs (tunable across the range at a fixed pump wavelength), or the simultaneous SHG and Depleted Fundamental outputs (tunable across the range while tuning the pump laser). The Depleted Fundamental output at a fixed wavelength is also simultaneously available with the Signal and Idler outputs.

Radiantis releases SHG unit: Blue Stream 100X

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BS100X Second Harmonic Generator

Blue Stream 100X offers an innovative and easy to use Second Harmonic Generation Unit that converts the IR emission of your Ti:sapphire laser (680-1100 nm) into the near-UV and visible spectrum (340-550 nm).

Two synchronised laser outputs are available, the converted output in the near-UV and visible spectrum (340-550 nm) and the unconverted fundamental output in the IR spectrum (680-1100 nm).

Based on new nonlinear technology, the Blue Stream 100X provides exceptional efficiency (up to 50%) and beam quality.

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