PowerSense Optical Power Meter

An extremely compact, fully-integrated optical power meter, incorporating both the detector head and power meter under the same enclosure. The widest range of power levels (across 1 nW to 20 W) is measured with a single detector head. This eliminates the need to acquire several heads for different power ranges, improving usability and reducing cost.

Origin Spectrophotometer

Origin is a practical module which conveniently compliments SeaWave, Radiantis existing family of IR spectrometers. Combined, Origin and SeaWave offer an extremely compact, cost-effective spectrophotometer for the IR. Based on the SeaWave linear diode array technology, this spectrophotometer has no-moving parts and hence renders a robust and highly-stable product for a range of analysers.

SeaWave NIR Spectrometer

A top of the range NIR spectrometer, showing the smallest footprint in the market for its class, the highest data acquisition speed (>1000spectra/second) and excellent resolution (3nm) for a broad detection range in the NIR (900 - 1700nm).

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