Inspire Auto Femtosecond OPO

A versatile femtosecond optical parametric oscillator (OPO) that offers gap-free spectral coverage across the UV, Visible and IR with no change of optics or crystals and just one single configuration. Output pulse durations can be adjusted within a broad range, using the specially designed dispersion compensation module inside the OPO. Near-transform-limited pulses, even shorter than the pump pulses, can be generated. Tuning is aided by automatic dynamic cavity stabilisation.

The InspireTM Auto is a femtosecond OPO, pumped by a mode-locked Ti:sapphire oscillator, which offers the broadest tunability in the UV, Visible and IR, across 345-2500 nm. Four separate output ports emitting the doubled pump (345-540 nm), signal (490-750 nm), depleted-pump (680-1080 nm), and idler (930-2500 nm) are available. Selection between the simultaneous signal and idler output ports (tunable across the range at a fixed pump wavelength), or the simultaneous doubled and depleted-pump output ports (tunable across the range while tuning the pump laser) is straightforward and can be achieved via the dedicated PC-user-interface. The depleted-pump output at a fixed wavelength is also simultaneously available with the signal and idler outputs. The doubled and depleted-pump outputs are generated using the state-of-the-art second harmonic generator incorporated inside the OPO. This doubles the frequency of the pump laser, providing broad wavelength coverage (345-540 nm), high conversion efficiency (up to 45%), reduced pulse broadening (<180 fs) and excellent beam quality (TEM00).

Near-transform-limited pulses are offered via the specially-designed dispersion compensation module which enables dynamic and independent control of the dispersion for every signal wavelength. The InspireTM Auto operates at room-temperature, and as a result avoids the need for overs, water-cooling units and pipes inside the OPO cavity. The InspireTM Auto is a USB compatible and compact system formed by a single optics unit (954 x 360 x 230 mm), which does not require additional bulky external units such as chillers or MRU air recirculators. A portable and ready installed computer is also available with this OPO.

Tuning is aided by the fully-dedicated PC-user-interface, which offers automated dynamic cavity stabilisation to ensure high power and wavelength stability levels over time. Additionally, wavelength-tracking of the signal over a limited spectral range is included. Useful information and a graphical display of the spectral shape of the emitted pulses, measured with the integrated spectrometer, is also provided.

When cavity re-alignment is required, a specially-designed fully-dedicated alignment cavity is available, which greatly simplifies the alignment process. Additionally, since the signal resonates in the Visible, the alignment process is significantly easier and more comfortable to detect than in the IR.

The InspireTM Auto can be pumped by both the Mai Tai® HP and the Tsunami® Ti:sapphire oscillators from Spectra Physics, and delivers high power in the UV and Visible. This is an ideal tool for sophisticated scientific applications such as time-resolved microscopy and multiple wavelength pump-probe experiments, where short pulses, broad wavelength coverage and hands-free operation are required.

A selection of InspireTM Auto configurations are available depending on the wavelength coverage of interest.

The InspireTM Auto is distributed exclusively via Spectra Physics worldwide.


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