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Radiantis' off-the-shelf and custom-made products are used in a wide range of applications within the scientific market worldwide. Complete solutions are offered in the fields of multi-photon microscopy, coherent anti-stokes Raman spectroscopy (CARS), Raman microscopy, time-resolved and single-molecule spectroscopy, pump-probe experiments, laser-induced fluorescence, nanophotonics, quantum optics, biophotonics and biochemistry, amongst others.

Application List

  • Spectroscopy
  • Time-Resolved Spectroscopy
  • Laser Induced Fluorescence
  • Single Molecule Spectroscopy
  • Pump-Probe Experiments
  • CARS
  • PhotoChemistry
  • BioPhotonics
  • PhotoBiology
  • Material Science
  • Quantum Optics
  • Micromachining

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