The SeaWave offers the portability, resolution, and ease of use for the active field engineer that requires a tool to investigate laser optics. It has the operating bandwidth needed for laser applications into the deep IR in both spectroscopic, and microscopic tools that are on the cutting edge of investigation.
Ray Illa, Senior Technical Support Engineer, Spectra-Physics (a Newport Company), Santa Clara, California, USA

The wide tuning range of our Radiantis OPO system has allowed us to access wavelength regimes that have enabled a number of nonlinear optics experiments that would otherwise not have been possible. Radiantis have been very responsive and any problems have always been dealt with swiftly, with engineers being sent over to our lab for extended visits whenever required.
Dr Pier Sazio, Senior Research Fellow, Optoelectronics Research Center, University of Southampton, United Kingdom


In our lab, we perform multi-color wave mixing experiments in an optical microscope, which require excitation beams tunable over a wide spectral range. In addition, optical microscopy experiments necessitate clean beam profiles, stable performance and preferably high pulse repetition rates for fast signal collection. We have chosen the Inspire optical parametric oscillator (OPO) developed by Radiantis because its specifications deliver on all these counts. The system has allowed us to perform a wide range of pump-probe, coherent Raman scattering and coherent wave-mixing experiments without having to compromise on the wavelength range of the excitation beams. The Radiantis OPO delivers a clean, stable output with a tunable range that exceeds our experimental needs. With average power levels of several hundred milliWatts, we have never been limited by power, enabling several experiments that we previously thought were impossible. Knowing that the system delivers within moments after startup every morning, every day of the week, has made our work so much easier. With the Radiantis OPO as a dependable light source, we have been able to spend our time on carrying out optical experiments and to push the limits in nonlinear optical microscopy.
Eric Olaf Potma, Associate Professor, Chemistry School of Physical Sciences, University of California, Irvine, California, USA

Radiantis were very flexible with our requirements and perfectly matched to our technical needs and budget. We have been using Radiantis broadband femtosecond OPO since 2008 for our research in Plasmonics. Radiantis OPO has enabled us to carry out advanced optical characterisation of our systems across the UV, Visible and IR, and has proven to be a very reliable and easy-to-use system, delivering high and stable power and fast automated tuning across the complete spectral range. Since original installation back in 2008, we have been working extensively with this OPO and are extremely happy with it since it has allowed us to push our research frontiers in new directions that would otherwise not have been possible. Radiantis team were very friendly and provided a professional and comprehensive user training to key researchers in my lab, which enabled us to operate the OPO successfully and reliably over many years. Radiantis would be my first choice of OPO supplier for the future.
Professor Romain Quidant, ICFO, Spain

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